Restaurant specials, testimonials from members about savings at their favourite places to eat

Members comments on restaurant specials and savings at their favourite places to eat

Bev Goodes
"I was so enticed by the Grand Dining Club offer, on reading it for the first time! The deals are so good, the restaurants on the list have all been most obliging! We live in the False Bay area and have the choice of eight restaurants to go to and enjoy a meal ...paying only for the most expensive meal. It is also so exciting to plan a trip and check out which restaurants are Grand Dining Club members in the area! Often we make a trip specially to have a meal! This has really been the best investment for us ....and we are in our 3rd year of owning a Grand Dining Club card! It has become contagious amongst our friends...they all want "IT".!!!! IT makes a wonderful gift for a whole year too! We strongly recommend this Dining Experience! The staff especially Sabrina is most helpful if there happens to be any queries! So, if and when you purchase.....Enjoy, you will not be disappointed!"
11/02/2016 13:52:07
Linda Doke - Hout Bay
"My husband and I have been a member of the Grand-Dining Club since the concept started (five?) years ago, and we absolutely love it! As we eat out a lot, Grand-Dining is not only a massive saving for us (the cost of a 12-month membership is covered within a few meals!) but the ever-growing selection of restaurants on the GDC list enable us to broaden our selection of places to choose from – not only in our ‘hood but all around Cape Town and the winelands. We also found that the quality of restaurants that subscribe to the Grand-Dining Club is consistently good – whether we’re after a tasty pizza or a smarter dining experience, there’re a range of excellent eateries to choose from. We go everywhere with our GDC card, just in case! "
28/01/2016 13:50:09
Andrew H
"Of course, winter in Cape Town is full of special deals but Grand Dining still tops most of them!"
30/07/2015 11:52:10
Alan Scher
"All the restaurants in Hout Bay. You're doing a great job - the best investment I ever made!."
21/05/2015 10:25:04
"Pastis Constantia, Italian Kitchen are great! Love our Grand Dining Card and have many friends interested in purchasing one."
21/05/2015 09:47:30
"Good value for money, gives one the opportunity to try different Restuarants and order dishes one wouldn't normally order because of price. Woodcutters, Spiros , Asia Bay, Pescarne are amongst my favourite. "
21/05/2015 09:45:29
"I think Grand Dining Club is a great idea especially for families. Italian Kitchen, Spiro are our favorite. "
21/05/2015 09:43:50
"The list of restaurants and offerings is brilliant."
21/05/2015 09:38:17
"I enjoy Grand dining because it encourages you to try new places/ restaurants. It works out cheaper for us as we eat out often."
21/05/2015 09:36:14
Mr M.Depinto
"Grand Dining club is great, excellent value, great restaurants and overall good value for money. "
21/05/2015 09:33:14
Ms H. Nienaber
"Free meal definitely makes family eating out much more affordable. Encourages you to try new restaurants too."
21/05/2015 09:29:30
Linda D
"We've been enjoying wonderful eating through Grand Dining for the past three years!"
14/11/2014 09:35:11
Andre de Villiers
"Four of us went to dinner last night and two of us were Grand Dining Club card holders so we saved R400 on our three course meal which was a feast! Outstanding service! "
09/10/2014 09:27:17
"Saved me thousands, brilliant! "
08/10/2014 14:06:26
Dr. Wilfred Samuel
"I always tell my friends about Grand Dining, I absolutely love it!"
01/10/2014 10:40:08
Peter Berner
"I saved R190 the first time I used the card, its a totally no brainer to get a Grand Dining card! Love it! "
29/09/2014 10:01:13
Barbara Du Bois
"Have been a member for years and very happy with it."
26/09/2014 13:00:36
Karin de Brauwere
"been a member for the past 1 1/2 year, AWESOME!!"
22/07/2014 13:15:05
Andrew H
"Grand Dining Club is awesome! So much better than Groupon, we can get the deals over & over at our favorite restaurants and never have to worry about voucher expiry dates. Love it!"
05/05/2014 17:58:48
Garth Watson
"Our daughter and son-in-law have enjoyed using their card so much! Garth Watson"
01/05/2014 13:37:26
Sam Chatham
"We visited Bayside Café last night and apart from the amazing view, delicious food and fantastic service ... not forgetting reasonable prices (even before the Grand Dining discount!!) ... it was a great example of how Grand Dining really is a no brainer. Our total bill excluding tip was R205 ... what did we have? One Delicious Hake and Chips, A huge homemade burger with caramalised onions and a Blue cheese sauce plus hand cut chips, TWO large Peroni draughts and one whole bottle of dry rose wine!! (yes we like to drink!) Let me know where you can beat that value !! "
22/04/2014 19:39:53
"been a member for the past 1 1/2 year,now renewing, AWESOME!!"
10/04/2014 00:00:00
"We absolutely LOVE Grand Dining Club! During your last sale we got about 12 or so of our friend-couples to join... so we use it all the time! Such a good concept, we've told so many people about it. "
11/02/2014 12:06:57
L. Doke
"2014 will be our third (or fourth?) year of using Grand Dining, and we absolutely love it! L.Doke"
14/11/2013 19:54:58
L. Doke
"We're happy users of the Grand Dining Club card, and this will our 3rd year of eat-exploring - loving it!"
23/11/2012 10:49:15
Alexandra & John Fisher
"Such fun to try new restaurants (and go to the favourites with a discount!) "
05/11/2012 14:48:01
Cathrine Drotskie
"We are having so much fun.... it is the most wonderful thing this Diners card. We are so, so impressed. We eat out two to three times a week and make a point to visit all the restaurants on the list! "
08/11/2011 15:59:33
Neil Viljoen and associates
"As a financial advisory and insurance company we purchased many GDC memberships cards as gifts for our renewing clients. I am pleased to report one of our clients has used his card extensively and only has good things to say about it he has been to Black Angus, Driftwoods, Eden on the Bay, Fishermans and to date has already saved R500 plus! Neil Viljoen and associates"
07/11/2011 12:24:51
Mel - Hout Bay
"I'm a single person and initially thought a Grand Dining Club card was more for couples who eat out, but I received a card as a gift and must say it’s been great! Lots of my friends enjoy eating out but it can get a bit pricey. It’s nice to be able to invite a friend for dinner and know we can get 2 meals for the price of 1. We split the discounted bill between us and both save! Great concept, and makes a great present."
16/04/2011 15:25:34
"It’s great to know I can eat 2-for-1 meals all year in all these restaurants, no more waiting for restaurant specials or coupons. "
29/11/2010 14:23:27
David Bree
"Grand Dining Club is great - whether you’re in the mood to try a new restaurant or revisit an old favourite. It makes treating yourself more affordable – which is something we all need right now! "
20/11/2010 14:38:32
Mathew Thorn
"It´s great value and easily pays for itself. We have recommended it to many friends and they are all of the same opinion. If you haven´t got one and you eat out more than twice in the year - get one, you will save money (and you’ll discover some wonderful restaurants)"
19/11/2010 14:30:42
Jason Gregory
"What an unbelievable money saving tool"
17/11/2010 14:28:19
Phillip Hazel
"My family love eating out and are always on the lookout for new restaurants, the only problem is that it can get very expensive! When we discovered Grand Dining Club, we thought it sounded too good to be true, buy 1 meal and get 1 free in lots of different restaurants. We decided to give it a go and can honestly say we have saved a lot!!"
12/11/2010 14:36:03
Kelly Jennings
"We love the whole concept of trying out new restaurantsthat we otherwise would not even know existed! We have found so many new places to eat to not only go ourselves but to take friends to. "
06/11/2010 14:34:30
Sarah Knight
"It has opened up a whole new world of restaurants to me "
01/11/2010 14:37:05
Collin Scott
"Grand Dining Club has given me the excuse to try those restaurants I otherwise wouldn’t have visited, I have made a great discoveries. "
28/10/2010 12:14:32
Pauline Jones
"It’s great to be able to invite my friends out to dine 2-for -1 in a selection of restaurants. "
28/10/2010 12:14:32
Jacques Pretorius
"Gone are the days of thinking where shall we go? We simply select one of the places to eat from the online directory, make our reservation and enjoy great food and savings."
18/10/2010 14:32:36
Kevin Osmand
"No more cutting out coupons, I just make me reservation, show my Grand Dining Club card at the restaurant and receive the discount. "
07/10/2010 14:40:10
Jessica Ramsay
"Who doesn’t like eating out; it makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift. "
06/10/2010 14:29:37
Mary Wilson
"What a great concept, I love eating out and trying new restaurants, and now I can save at the same time, perfect!"
19/07/2010 12:14:32

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